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Tsubasa Shunraiki

I’ve seen Tsubasa Shunraiki (OVA, 2 episodes). After the manga, it wasn’t too exciting but I enjoyed watching it nonetheless.

Warning: Spoilers!!!

Episode 1 starts in Seles. King Ashura is already dead, Syaoran and the others are tying to escape from the country. It’s really annoying that Fai’s past and the events in Seles are left out. I don’t understand why they couldn’t include that, too. Sure, 2 episodes wouldn’t be enough for it but they could have made more episodes. I know it’s more complicated than that (money etc.) but I’m frustrated because of it.

Anyway, they go to Nihon and I had to endure Tomoyo again. You can imagine how happy I was. :P Yeah, I’m not fair to her, I know. Tomoyo is a pretty good character, she’s kind and all (she gave up her dreamseer power to Yuuko as the price for bringing Kurogane, Fai, Syaoran and Mokona to Nihon) but I can’t like her. I’m sorry but I just can’t. When Kurogane swore his oath to Tomoyo… I felt like crying. Kurogane/Fai is my OTP and I don’t care if someone thinks differently, I’ll always think that they’re perfect for each other. And Tomoyo can go to hell! :P Okay, perhaps that was a bit harsh. Tomoyo can stay in Nihon, in turn Kurogane and Fai can travel together, far away from Nihon. XD

I like that scene when Kurogane and Fai met for the first time after Kurogane is awoke. Fai hits Kurogane and says to him: „That was payback, Kuro-sama.” Then Kurogane to Fai: „I’ll kill you, bastard.” That’s so like them! LOL But my favourite scene is when they arrived to Nihon and Fai was crying because of Kurogane. He said: „Hurry! He’ll die! If he… If he dies, then…” I was so touched! :) And Tomoyo reassured Fai… I don’t know how I feel about that. Tomoyo always will be Fai’s rival in my eyes.

I realized that I don’t like the fights in the manga but I’m okay with them in the anime. In the manga, I find the fights boring while they’re spectacular in the anime.

Syaoran fights against Seishiro in Episode 1. Seishiro is searching for the vampire twins, Kamui and Subaru. I don’t really like him because he was very rude to Fai when he discovered that Fai has vampire blood. He thought that Fai and the others knew the location of Subaru and Kamui. Seishiro is a crossover character from „Tokyo Babylon” and „X”.

In Episode 2, Syaoran fights against his clone and that’s a really interesting battle. It’s revealed that Sakura is a clone, too and it’s a shock to everyone. Well, not everyone because the „original” Syaoran and Fai knew this. So I guess it isn’t a shock to many people besides the readers. (Or lookers-on in this case. XD)

I’m sorry, but I must say this: Do you remember what I said about Toya and Yukito? That I think they’re more than friends. It turned out that I was right! XD They’re crossover characters from Cardcaptor Sakura (as many other characters too, for example Syaoran, Sakura or Tomoyo). In Cardcaptor Sakura, Yukito admits his love for Toya to Sakura after Toya sacrifices his powers to save Yukito’s life. In the last scene Yukito is helping Toya to prepare breakfast and it’s hinted that Toya has come to fully understand and reciprocate Yukito’s feelings. Toya and Yukito are one of Clamp’s „soulmate” pairs. (We call it „OTP”. XD) This means they’re each other special person and are always together when they appear in other works by Clamp. (See Tsubasa Chronicle.) I like it very much when I’m right. XD