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Romeo x Juliet

Somehow (with difficulty) I found some time to watch Romeo x Juliet (TV Series, 24 episodes). The anime is based on Shakespeare’s play (Romeo and Juliet), but besides the character names there isn’t much resemblance between them.

Warning: Spoilers!!!

The story takes place in Neo Verona which was ruled by the house of Capulet. But Leontes Montague killed the Capulets 14 years ago, and he has been the Duke of Neo Verona since then. The only survivor of the Capulet family is Juliet (I’m the only one who is reminded of Anastasia? XD), who masquerades as a boy (named Odin), in order to avoid being caught by the house of Montague. She’s also Red Whirlwind, a vigilante, who helps the common folk. (Like Robin Hood. XD) Juliet meets Romeo (Leontes Montague’s son and heir to the throne of Neo Verona), and they fall in love at first sight. Of course, their love is quite problematic because they should be enemies…

Romeo has been forced into an engagement with Hermione. (Not Granger, this Hermione is a noblewoman. XD Sorry, I associate everything with Harry Potter. :P) You know, I liked this girl or at least felt sorry for her because it was obvious that she loves Romeo very much, but her love is unrequited. However, I just found her pathetic later. It’s understandable that Hermione hated Juliet, she was her rival after all. But Romeo wasn’t interested in Hermione, he loved Juliet, and Hermione couldn’t accept this. This was pitiful.

My favourite character is Tybalt. When he appeared first, he was a very mysterious person and probably this is why I was interested in him. (It can’t be helped, I’m attracted to mysterious men with dark past. :P) Anyway, it is revealed later that Tybalt is Leontas Montague’s illegitimate son. His mother was Volumnia Capulet who was used by Leontas Montague, so Tybalt hates Montague and wants to kill him.

At the end of the anime, Mercutio kills Lord Montague. (Long story, he wasn’t completely sane by then.) Juliet should sacrifice her own life to save the people of Neo Verona. (Even longer story, it involves a tree named Escalus which gives support to Neo Verona, and a woman named Ophelia, Escalus’ caretaker who is pretty scary. XD) She almost does it, but Romeo stops her in the last minute. To be honest, I hoped that this story has a happy end. After all, it’s so different than Shakespeare’s play, why should it be a tragedy, too? In the end, I was mistaken. Romeo and Juliet died. Maybe they wouldn’t be Romeo and Juliet if they live happily ever after. (The logic! XD) I was sad, I like this pairing, even if it’s het. LOL

You won’t believe it, but I didn’t pair any males with each other in this anime. (Yeah, I’m schocked, too! :P) Okay, I thought about it, but there isn’t any obvious slash pairing in the story. If you squint, maybe you could say that Curio and Fransisco would be a good pairing. They’re close to each other and all. So it’s a possibility, but it’s not the same as (for example) Kurogane/Fai. Kurogane and Fai are meant to be together, while Curio and Fransisco could be together but could be with someone else, too. There is a big difference. Oh, Tybalt and Romeo would look good together, too. XD I know, they’re halfbrothers and Romeo loves Juliet (it would be a sin to break up Romeo and Juliet), but I still think it would be hot, sorry! :) It’s interesting, because I very rarely pair people based only on appearances. There must be something more (rivalry, obsession, deep friendship etc.), not just two good-looking men who haven’t got a connection with each other. And my OTP’s always have that „something more”.

The opening is brilliant, I absolutely love it. I don’t like the endings, though.