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Rose of Versailles

A few weeks ago I started watching Versailles no Bara/ The Rose of Versailles (TV Series, 40 episodes), and I’ve finished it today. It’s a beautiful and very moving anime, I can recommend it to everyone.

Warning: Spoilers!!!

The story takes place in France, before and during the French Revolution.

The main character is Oscar, who contrary to her name is a girl, but she is raised by her father as if she were a boy, because her father wants her to take his place and command the Royal Guard. At the age of fourteen, Oscar is given the task to protect Marie Antoinette. Oscar is admired by both males and females. The men don’t care that Oscar wears males’ clothes and acts like a male, and the women don’t mind that despite her looks Oscar is female. I don’t blame them, Oscar is beautiful, kind and talented, honestly, I was a bit in love with her, too. :) So I was very, very sad when Oscar died in the last episode. :( I wanted a happy ending, but I’ve known it’s impossible.

Oscar’s friend, André is secretly in love with her, but he doesn’t tell her this for years. (Partly because Oscar loves Fersen, a Swedish count.) Later in the series, André confesses his love, and at the end, Oscar admits that she loves him, too. They spend a night together, but the next day André dies from a stray bullet. If you ask me, it was a bit too dramatic for my taste. I know this is a classic shoujo and everything, I don’t care, this was just too much.

I don’t like Marie Antoinette. She is a lovely girl, but she acts so silly that it’s annoying. I find her too prideful and self-important. Antoinette had an affair with Fersen, which doesn’t help her reputation at all.

The other character that I don’t like is Rosalie. She’s portrayed like some saint and it bothers me. Honestly, I just don’t care about her, she’s boring. Yes, Rosalie had a hard life but who hadn’t? Oh, of course she is in love with Oscar, too. How surprising, right? XD

Anyway, I enjoyed this anime because the plot is very interesting and Oscar is such a perfect character, you just have to love her! XD