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Code Geass R2

I’ve seen Code Geass Hangyaku no Lelouch R2/ Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 (TV Series, 25 episodes). God, I’m afraid if I start to talk (well, write) about it, I’ll start crying again. At the end of the anime I couldn’t stop weeping, it was so touching.

Warning: Spoilers!!!

The second season begins a year after the Black Rebellion. During the first episode I constantly thought: „What the f*** happened?”. Lelouch was once again a student at Ashford Academy, he had a brother named Rolo, there wasn’t a word about Nunnaly, and Lelouch was talking about Zero like some stranger. Then he met Kallen and didn’t remember her. I was pretty confused. Later it emerged that Suzaku captured Lelouch and turned him over to the Emperor, who used his Geass (yes, he had one, too) to rewrite Lelouch’s memories. Lelouch forgot that he was Zero, that he had a sister, and his royal heritage, too. Rolo was assigned to play Lelouch’s brother and to kill him if he regains his memory. Lelouch’s memories were restored by C. C., and he resumed leadership of the Black Knights.

You know, I was really angry at Suzaku. I mean, he betrayed Lelouch. Okay, I understand that he hated Zero because of Euphemia’s death, but Lelouch was his friend still, he could have forgiven him. Right, I just thought that Suzaku loved Lelouch, so he wouldn’t had the heart to hurt him. XD What can I say, I believe in the power of love. LOL

I guess I should talk about Euphemia. Although she isn’t in the second season, but I feel it necessary to explain about her death. Euphemia was Lelouch half-sister and the Third Princess of the Holy Britannian Empire. Suzaku was Euphemia’s personal Knight, and they loved each other. Probably that’s why I never really liked her. :P Anyway, Euphemia forms the Special Administrative Zone of Japan, giving the Japanese people their name and country back. Lelouch doesn’t like it, because this would destroy the Black Knights’ rebellion, so he tries to have her shoot him at the opening ceremony, this way the rebellion could continue. But after talking with Euphemia Lelouch changes his mind and agrees to work with her. However, Lelouch’s Geass activates without him knowing, and he accidentally orders Euphemia to kill all Japanese. She can’t disobey and Lelouch can’t take back his order or using Geass on her again, so Euphemia starts killing the Japanese people. Lelouch reluctantly kills her and uses this massacre as an excuse to spark the Black Rebellion. Later V. V. explains to Suzaku about Zero’s Geass, so Suzaku wants to kill Zero at all costs. I hope this helps to understand Suzaku’s hatred better. In the second season, Suzaku asks Lelouch about Euphemia and Shirley’s death (Shirley was killed by Rolo), but Lelouch doesn’t tell him that he didn’t want to use Geass on Euphemia or that it wasn’t him who killed Shirley, he takes the blame for both crimes. So I think Lelouch never told Suzaku the truth, and I’m frustrated because of this, Suzaku should know the truth.

I intended explaining the plot fully and talking about more characters, but this review is already fairly long, so let’s skip to the end of the anime, okay?

After his father’s death, Lelouch installs himself as the 99th Emperor of Britannia and appoints Suzaku as his „Knight of Zero”. I didn’t understand their plain, but I was squealing, I was so happy that they’re working together. XD Later, Lelouch becomes the ruler of the world, everybody hates him, but no one left capable of opposing him. Then Lelouch arranges for the public execution of his „enemies”. People believe that Suzaku died in the battle against Schneizel. I believed it, too, and I was wondering if it’s better this way. I mean, I wanted at least Suzaku to live even if I was sure that Lelouch will die, but at this point I thought that they shouldn’t live without each other, so maybe it’s for the best. Anyway, at the execution Zero appears. No, it’s not Lelouch, he’s there, too, but as the Emperor. So who could it be? After the shock, I thought it’s C. C., but then we see that she’s somewhere else. And then Zero starts to run, and that was the moment when I understood. Nobody can run like that… only Suzaku. This is the „Zero Requiem”, Lelouch and Suzaku’s plan to create a better world. Lelouch wanted everyone to hate him, so Suzaku (as Zero) can kill him, this way there can be peace in the world. Suzaku weeps as he stabs Lelouch and watches him die. God, I was weeping, too, not just because of Lelouch’s death, but because I realised that Suzaku really loved Lelouch even after everything. This was so beautiful and moving! And then Lelouch told Suzaku that he can’t continue living as Kururugu Suzaku, he has to give everything for the world, including his own happiness… and I was finished. It’s so incredibly sad! :( But you know, despite this, I think the anime has a happy ending. Lelouch created a better world with his sacrife, so he achieved his goal. Of course, I’d like it if Lelouch and Suzaku could live happily together, but I’ve known it from the start that it’s impossible.

I’ve just realised that Lelouch’s birthday is December 5. I wrote my first review of Code Geass that day. How ironic. I know this is late, but I have to say it:

Happy birthday, Lelouch! :)