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Full Moon

I’ve watched Full Moon wo Sagashite/ Searching for the Full Moon (TV Series, 52 episodes). It was really good but I want to read the manga now because I read some things about it on the net and the manga sounds even better than the anime. But let’s talk about the anime!

Warning: Spoilers!!!

The main character is Koyama Mitsuki. She dreams of becoming a singer but she has a tumor in her throat, which is only curable through a surgery that would cost Mitsuki her voice. One day, two shinigami, Takuto and Meroko visit her and it’s revealed that Mitsuki only has one year left to live. Takuto gives Mitsuki the ability to transform into her 16 years old self without a throat tumor and she can become a singer, so she won’t have any regrets when she dies. To conceal her true identity, Mitsuki chooses the stage name „Full Moon”.

Mitsuki made a promise with Sakurai Eichi, her childhood friend and first love two years ago, that she will be a singer and Eichi will be an astronomer. They parted because Eichi was adopted and moved to America. Mitsuki wants to become a famous singer because she hopes Eichi will hear her sing and realise her feelings for him.

I thought this anime is going to end with Mitsuki’s death, so I was really surprised when it didn’t happen. Sure, there is a lot of angst, but the anime has a completely happy ending. I kind of expected Eichi’s death, that’s why it didn’t shock me, although I felt sorry for Mitsuki.

I like Takuto, he’s so kind and selfless. I mean, he was in love with Mitsuki and he knew that she loved Eichi, but Takuto helped and supported her nonetheless. That’s true love! :)

Meroko annoyed me with her constant „Takuto! Takuto!” shouting. I guess I came to like her at the end of the anime, because she really loved Takuto and I can admire that.

I must mention Izumi, who is also a shinigami. He’s a bastard most of the time, but I find him a fascinating character. :D How surprising, I like the bad boy… I’m sure everyone is shocked. LOL  Despite my love of bad boys, I like good guys too and I can prove it: I absolutely adore Wakaoji Keiichi! :) He’s such a wonderful person, he works as a doctor and I was moaning that I want a doctor like him! XD (You know that you read too much porn if you have dirty thoughts after my previous sentence. LOL) Anyway, I’ve thought from the beginning that he would be a perfect husband, then it turned out that he played keyboard in Mitsuki’s father, Aoi’s band and the fans called him "Prince of ROUTE:L" (ROUTE:L is the band’s name). I was squealing: „He’s so COOL!” Later, he wore different clothes like he used to and I was squealing: „He’s so HOT!” XD So I’ve proven it, I like good guys, too. Or maybe the expection proves the rule? LOL