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Honey and Clover

I'm alive! :) I know the last time I wrote anything was 3 months ago, I'm really sorry, real life sucks! :( I should study for my exams, but I did that the whole afternoon and I'm exhausted. There are times when I hate college. *sigh*

Unfortunately I didn't have much time for watching anime. (Of course I read fanfics almost every day! I ALWAYS have time for that! I couldn't live without my Harry/Draco fanfics! I'm not obsessed, oh no... LOL) Although I watch Naruto Shippuuden every week and read the manga, too. Oh, I also read Vampire Knight. I love that manga, I don't really care about Yuki (honestly, she annoys me most of the time), but I adore Kaname and Zero. :D

I started watching Honey and Clover (TV Series, 24 episodes) a few months ago. If I really like an anime, I can watch 20-25 episodes a day. Yeah, I don't do almost anything else then, but I can't stop, I'm curious what will happen. It's the same when I read a fantastic manga/book/fanfic, I just have to read it until the end. (Or if it's extremely long I read it until I can't keep my eyes open anymore. LOL) So normally, it would take a day (maybe two) for me to watch Honey and Clover. Well, that wasn't the case. I don't know why, because it's a good anime, but there were times when I found it boring. Maybe I just watched too much shounen anime lately and I was expecting action and excitement. Of corse, Honey and Clover is a josei, obviously there won't be much action in a josei, it's a completely different genre. Maybe I'm overthinking it, after all it was the same when I watched Fullmetal Alchemist a few years ago. Now that's a shounen anime, but I could only watch 20 episodes, I was so bored that I had to stop. And it's very rare that I don't finish an anime if I started watching it. Anyway, I can recommend Honey and Clover everyone who likes josei, just don't expect much action because that isn't the point. :P

Warning: Spoilers!!!

Actually, I don't think there will be spoilers, because there isn't much that I can spoil in this anime, but just to be safe I use LJ Cut.

The main characters are students at an art college in Tokyo. (NO, I don't want to talk about college!!! Sorry, I'm stressed because of my exams, so college is NOT a topic I want to discuss right now.)

Anyway, the other reason I was a bit reluctant to continue watching this anime was that I didn't like the characters at first. (Well, expect Morita, I absolutely loved him! :D) And I think the most important thing in any story is the characters. If I don't like the characters, then I'm just not interested anymore, no matter how good the plot is. I loathed Hagu, I was irritated by her voice, her looks... everything, really. Fortunately, she became less annoying later in the anime, but I wouldn't say I like her even now. Takemoto is kind and everything, but he's a typical loser. And I felt sorry for Yamada, because she's a really cute girl and unrequited love sucks, but after a while it was a bit pathetic. Mayama is okay, I hope he and Rika will get together. I think Morita is the best character, he's so funny and without him there wouldn't be as much humour in the anime. Oh, and I liked Nomiya, he's so cool! :) (Especially his glasses, they look so good on him! :P)

The Takemoto-Hagu-Morita love triangle isn't solved, and Yamada loves Mayama, who is only interested in Rika. Then there is Nomiya who maybe likes Yamada, so it's a mess. Well, there is a sequel, I'm really curious what will happen with them. Then again, I don't expect a really happy ending, the anime portrays real life, so it's not some kind of fairy tale.

I watched the specials, too, those were funny, I enjoyed them.